Kindle Fire 2 Announcement on September 6th?


Amazon has called for a press conference in Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Thursday September 6th 2012 and there is of course mass speculation that this is will be probably include announcements about new Kindle models including hopefully the successor to the Kindle Fire.

It would be good from Amazon to get their press release out before Apple may unveil a 7″ iPad Mini the following week, but to really WOW users they are going to have to show the something that will give Amazon Kindle Fire a competitive edge over the Google Nexus Tablet which currently holds the price/power sweet spot standard.

Top features wanted in a Kindle Fire 2?


Hello, no way to use earbuds wirelessly?  Or a wireless keyboard to make typing a bit easer, you know this is a huge disadvantage and one that has to be rectified.


This is something that will be of huge benefit, and they can just allow MicroSD to store video/images…etc freeing up the Kindle Fire memory for apps and games.  Bottom line, there needs to be a way to add more storage.

Faster Processor / GPU

The Kindle Fire is sluggish and having just a few processes open can cause some pretty noticeable lag.  An updated processor / GPU set is definitely in order to keep up with compatible games that keep getting more CPU/GPU intensive.

Higher Resolution

Rumors have it that a higher resolution screen may be in order, plus one with better technology for dealing with direct sunlight which is something that makes the regular Kindle with it’s e-Ink so magnificent for those who love to read under daylight at parks or near windows.

Better Content

There is no doubt that Amazon opening their own game studio recently will help create more content for their Kindle Fire line, combine that with the fact that Amazon is far ahead of Google in terms of offering video content and they may actually offer some features/content/media that isn’t as easy to get or integrated with a standard Android product.

Smoother Silk

The Silk browser was fantastic in theory but was plagued with problems around flash support and not being nearly as fast as a “cloud caching browser” should have been.  Hopefully Silk can run smoother, faster and really improve the overall browsing experience on the Kindle Fire.

What features do you want to see in a next generation Kindle Fire that would help give it an edge against the Google Nexus tablet?


For the Guys: Approaching the lady of your dreams

ImageThe old saying, “The Knight In Shining Armor” still exists today like it did in the medieval times. Only difference is that we’re no longer on a horse and wearing our metal. These days it’s more of a male chivalry which we all men should show if we want to attract our woman. Women are always looking for their knight in shining armor all the time. It is in them to want to be rescued. So whenever there is a chance to help a woman in need, never hesitate. Just do it!

We may not be attracted to the woman we help, but you never know if there is another woman around the corner watching your good deeds. What is important is that this has to be real, a habit you gradually develop over time. You really should not do it just to attract a woman. The more you give, the more you get back. Just don’t expect it right away or else you’ll be disappointed.

So in future when ever you see a woman who either, needs help or rescue from a situation, go for it. Rescuing a woman is one of the surest ways to win their heart. Whether it’s from another man or an embarrassing situation, find a way to save the day and very likely you’ve immediately also found a way to her heart.

Woman unconsciously also like to see that you have good relationships with other women around your age because it shows that you are also liked by other women. She’ll find this attractive.

Never approach a woman too directly and stare down at her as she’ll begin to find you too intimidating or even creepy. An indirect approach is best. Try to also stay away from the usual pick-up lines such as the weather, buying her a drink etc.

You are much better off relating to her on some level. Try to find a common interest.

Its best to therefore approach women as a friend or casual acquaintance as this gives you the best chance to get to know her a little bit more and quickly find a common ground of interest. This can then be further developed into a full blown conversation. It also puts pressure off you trying to score on first attempt with expectations of a long lasting romance or a one night stand and then feeling stupid if you didn’t succeed.

Take your time, and continue practicing. This is the only way you’ll gain confidence over time. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel comfortable picking up women.

In the mean time, Good Luck!

How to Flirt With a Woman – Listen To What Women Say


Part of being good at flirting with a woman is being good at listening to what she has to say. The more you listen to her, the more you will be able to find out what makes her laugh, what makes her smile, and most importantly… what makes her feel sexually attracted to a man. Women are right. Men are not very good at listening and although women usually say that in the context of complaining about their man, what men should pick up on is that they are telling you one of the most crucial pieces to the puzzle of flirting with a woman.

There is something else, though about listening to a woman that you should pay attention to. And that is this. When seeking advice on what women respond to, it’s good to get some input from other women. There is this idea that women don’t give out good advice and I really don’t find that to be true at all. Most women do have a hard time telling you what works on them, that is true. What they are usually good at though, is telling you what works on OTHER women. So, if you have some female friends that you can get some input from, go ahead and get it.

Why should you listen to what a woman says about flirting with other women?

When talking about themselves, most women will be pretty protective so they are not going to spill the beans on what they get turned on by. That’s just the way she goes. On the other hand, when they are talking about what works on a woman they don’t even know, they usually don’t have that urge to be protective. So, what you wind up getting is some pretty good insight that comes straight from woman.

Ask her questions and analyze her answers…

Another good way to get better at flirting with a woman is to ask a female friend that you have questions about a guy she has dated and why she was attracted to him. Now, she will probably not tell you everything, but she probably will reveal some clues. And that is where you need to analyze what she says. Just because you don’t hear her say straight out that this is what worked on her, it does not mean that she is not telling you what really did work. Most of the time, she will say it in such a way that you kind of have to see around what she is saying to see the real truth.

360º of Sound – The Bell Tweeter

I’m sure from the looks of it, you could decipher how the Bell Tweeter works. Sound radiates 360º from the cone. Change the volume by spinning the body. There are some definite advantages to this setup over the traditional ones, namely being able to evenly fill a room with sound. With multiple bells, one could easily adapt their current setup to accommodate audio delivered in every direction.

ImageImageDesigner: Samohvalov Sergey


Praise and Blame Are All the Same

ImageOne of the most unavoidable life lessons is having to deal with the disapproval of others. Praise and blame are all the same is a fancy way of reminding yourself of the old cliche’ that you’ll never be able to please all the people all the time.Even in a landslide election victory in which a candidate secures 55 percent of the vote, he or she is left with 45 percent of the population that wishes someone else were the winner. Pretty humbling, isn’t it?

Our approval rating from family, friends, and the people we work with isn’t likely to be much higher. The truth is, everyone has their own set of ideas with which to evaluate life, and our ideas don’t always match those of other people. For some reason,however, most of us struggle against this inevitable fact. We get angry,hurt, or otherwise frustrated when people reject our ideas, tell us no, or give us some other form of disapproval.

The sooner we accept the inevitable dilemma of not being able to win the approval of everyone we meet, the easier our live will become. When you expect to be dished our your share of disapproval instead of struggling against this fact, you’ll develop a helpful perspective to assist your life journey. Rather than feeling rejected by disapproval, you can remind yourself, ” Here it is again. That’s okay.” You can learn to be pleasantly surprised, even grateful when you receive the approval you’re hoping for.

I find that there are many days when i experience both praise and blame.Someone says what a nice guy I am, someone else thinks I’m selfish because I don’t return his phone call. This back and forth, good and bad, approval and disapproval is a part of everyone’s life. I’m the first to admit that I always prefer approval over disapproval. It feels better and it’s certainly easier to deal with. The more content I’ve become, however, the less I depend on it for my sense of well-being.

Yahoo Axis: The new browser for you

Internet browsers have recently gained considerable limelight as the world is becoming online. Now when physical businesses are turning into the virtual ones and new online methods to make money are productive enough to facilitate the talent across the globe, the competition among the internet browsers is inevitable. We saw that gradually yahoo maintained its pace and somehow has overpowered hotmail when it comes to search engines, it was expected that yahoo will soon come up with its own internet browser as MSN enjoys internet Explorer (thanks to Microsoft) , and the youngest competitor Google that came up with Google Chrome. Realizing the importance of launching a new browser with its tag, Yahoo released its browser, Yahoo! Axis few months back.

What’s different?


It is true that the upcoming decades are all about embedded devices. Yahoo is lucky enough to take this step at this stage, grabbing huge attention due to its innovative new mobile browser and desktop plug-in that gives visual search results to people. This works like a magic where people find a new, direct way to choose what they were searching for.

Not only this, but Axis is now available for Apple iOS devices, apart from its major, HTML5 enabled desktop browser to enjoy a new change in your life which is worth adopting.

Its Features


Yahoo! Axis offers some exceptional features that are solely responsible for its big success in no time. When you choose Axis as your web browser, you are actually said yes to equipped handy features that unify searching and browsing. 

As stated above, the visual search has simply made the back button obsolete. Not only this, but axis also offers a personalized homepage that contains your most recently visited sites along with your bookmarks and the sites you are actually following.

Yahoo Axis On Your Desktop


The best part about Yahoo Axis is, it is easy to install with user friendly layout. You can download the desktop browser from Axis website and get the plug-in for your current browser.

After installation, a black search bar will appear bellow the browser window. Typing in this search bar will scroll down the visual thumbnails of the appropriate results from where you can choose the right option, saving your time.

If you are a busy person and a socialite who wants to keep a track of everything happening at all ends, then Axis is the best choice. Once you signed in with your Yahoo, Facebook or Google account, you can set your favorites and can make your access much quick to your pages.


With its Launch, Yahoo’s Axis has somehow given a new way to explore internet with a faster and easier access. It has turned out to be a shock that Axis has attracted many followers in no time and it is expected that in coming months, it will be one of the tough competitors of Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Drop your Questions and Comments below.

How to Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Beliefs

‘Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.’ – W. Clement Stone
What Beliefs Lead Your Life and Actions? 

 The messages leading our lives and actions are everywhere–in newspapers, TV and the internet; in our communications and actions; in our photos, art, and music.Every day we’re bombarded with messages running the gamut from life-affirming to fear-creating–and we’re letting them influence us. Unless we pause to consciously choose which ones we let in, those negative ones heightening our fear response are the ones most likely to get into our psyches.

Fear, Anxiety and Anger Don’t Need Help Getting In

Unfortunately fear-creating messages don’t need help getting into our brains. Because they come fully-packed with a strong emotional charge they get fast-tracked in as the fear whips through our body and there they stay until we work to get the negativity out.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to let more positive thoughts take up residence in your brain leading to more positive actions by taking your cue from the power of fear and anger producing thoughts.

Take a Lesson from the Bad Boys–Fear, Anxiety and Anger

The problem with positive, life-affirming messages, such as ‘All is Well in my World’ is they are so very nice. They fail to slam you in the gut like the bad boys–fear, anxiety and anger.The lesson to be learned from the success of negative thoughts slipping in is the brain loves and attends to messages with strong emotional and visual impact.

‘The lesson to be learned from the success of negative thoughts is the brain loves and attends to messages with strong emotional and visual impact.’

To remedy the situation find ways to present positive, calming, affirming messages with strong emotional and visual impact. The stronger the meaning you give a message, the more your brain attends to it.

Here’s the thing–your brain doesn’t remember facts, it remembers meaning. So the more meaning you give something, the more it takes root in your memory.

‘Your brain doesn’t remember facts, it remembers meaning.’

Focus Your Attention on the Positive Messages

Rather than glancing at the affirmation ‘All Is Well in my World’ and moving on with your day, stop and do something with it ~React to it ~ Talk about it ~ Redesign it ~ Apply it ~ Go for a walk and ponder it. When you experience a discrepancy between what you believe and how you act, you will change your beliefs to match your actions. Choose positive actions and positive beliefs will follow.

  • What meaning does ‘All Is Well in my World’ have for you today?
  • What can you do to apply it to your life?
  • What is getting in the way of you accepting this message as true for you right now?
  • How can you switch from accepting fear-based messages to accepting everything is well in your world?

Create Eye and Heart Candy for the Brain 

Rather than reading the words in positive messages, actively respond to them. Turn the messages into pieces of art or postcards to send on to others. The more color you use creating positive artful messages, the more meaning you give them. And the more you share them with others, the deeper the messages get in your own psyche.

Let go of the fear. All is well.
 What beliefs are you affirming through your actions?
  • When you get out for that daily walk or bike ride you affirm you’re healthy and active.
  • When you stay involved in serving your community you confirm you’re connected.
  • When you celebrate other’s good fortune in getting or keeping a job, you affirm your own good fortune is on its way.
  • When you pass on life-affirming messages to others you affirm your own desire to create  life-affirming actions

With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson