Something that’s good for too long will eventually turn SOUR.

“When life gives you LEMONS make LEMONADE” You get it? You know Lemons make…..Aww Nevermind.

No matter what race ,color, age,or size, life has its ups and downs, No matter who your are. The thing about it is, that the troubles may come at anytime. Some may come when you absolutely expect it and when you don’t expect it. If you expect there is going to be trouble in your future, at the least make sure you’re prepared for what comes your way. But at times, when the problem comes people don’t know how to deal with it, so they buckle down in place, Crawl into their little turtle shells and make no action towards fixing the problem. The thing I’ve learned throughout my life that will help you get through a problem (ANY problem) is to Balls Up and face that problem head first and LOOK for a solution instead of sitting around waiting eons for the solution to come to you. A popular quote states that ” Nothing good comes to those who wait.” The quote provided is absolutely true but…….always remember “Patience is a virtue” also. With me saying that I mean, there’s a time to wait and there’s a time to take action, When you figure out the timing of when to do things you will be a ‘master’ in disguise. With all this being said when life gives you lemons make lemonade, and don’t EVER let one bad time ruin the empire that you’re building in your life.

With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson


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