Peace of mind in the present = Better life


To a LARGE point, Our peace of mind is measured on how we are living in the present. No matter what happened yesterday, last year, last month, you’re always in the present – ALWAYS. As humans it’s our nature to spend our lives worrying about a variety of things all at one time. We think so much about our past problems and future worries, allowing it to take away from our present events. It’s kind of crazy because it happens so often and we become frustrated, depressed and hopeless. With us doing that, we put or Happiness on the back burner, thinking that “someday” will be better than today. Why not make today better than SOMEDAY. While you’re busy stressing yourself out making plans for the future, you’re missing out on the present day. In short, we miss out on life. Today is the only day we have control of. When you focus on the present moment you’re pushing the fear of future concerns out of your head. Practice on keeping your attention on the here and now. The effort will pay in greatness.

With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson


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