Homework: To do or not

ImageMany times or not, you will hear a student say ” It’s hard staying focused on homework, It takes to long. ”

I Remember being in high-school, sitting at my home computer or laying in my bed, most times not being able to wrap my head around the pieces of paper in front of me. Something always came up, I’d get hungry, thirsty, or some neat T.V. show was on, and I’d get lost in it. A bit of time would usually pass before I eventually got serious about doing my work.

A key thing to starting the engine on homework is to surround yourself by silence, in a serene environment. When everything around you is quiet you won’t have to tune into distractions going on in your area. Silence gives your brain time to think through things and focus on your task with the intent of actually doing it.

Another main key thing is SELF-MOTIVATION, whether it pertains to Homework, Life, Work, or anything else. Self motivation is what all famous characters have, On an extraordinary level. You always have to stay motivated if you want to succeed over a lifetime. You ALWAYS have to keep your eyes on the prize. In this case that is, Starting your work, Give your best possible answers, Then completing your work. It may seem like a task that can’t be done, but with no doubts in my mind, it has been done before. If you can’t find an answer instantly, Keep Looking, it’s that simple.

Homework is not fun for most people. But if you ease your brain, it can be much easier to do. If you can buckle down and push through it, your grades will improve while you’re still learning. After you master the basics, Homework will be a breeze. You are controlling the work, Don’t let it control you.

With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson


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