Top 5 reasons why teens are tempted to use drugs and alchohol.


These days us as teens face an enormous amount of pressure when it comes down to drug use and alcohol. You may never know what it is unless they are willing to tell you.These are some of those reasons.

1) Sometimes parents find it hard to have ” The Talk” with their teens on things like dating, drugs, sex,and alcohol. Not being able to discuss the good and bad on these topics can lead to the teen doing the wrong thing.


2) If teens see all of their friends drinking and having a good time, they automatically think it’s the “cool thing” to do. And I’ve only met a few teens who don’t want to be apart of the “IN” crowd. As bad as it may sound, some teens feel like they will do whatever it takes to fit in, even if the decision is stupid. Teens who have low self-esteem are more likely to seek acceptance from the wrong crowd by using drugs or alcohol.

3) For some teens, if they are having a hard time dealing with the daily hustle they will most times turn to drugs or alcohol because they feel it will help them escape their troublesome teen lives.

4) Defiance. Sometimes the teen’s parents have put their foot down and laid the laws, but us as teens – hardly ever listen, it’s apart of our teen tendencies, sometimes we can’t help it. In our teens years we are learning to make our own decisions, whether it be good or bad. No matter what anyone says we are going to do what we wanna do.

5) Monkey-See, Monkey-Do. If a teen’s parents drink alcohol or uses drugs daily and the teen observes this, they are more likely to think it’s ok. This is the reason why teens or humans in this matter use drugs and drink alcohol at an early age. A majority of teens tend to model after their parental figures.


With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson


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