Motivating YOURSELF may be your best choice!


Being a teen in this generation may bring challenges that sometimes seem like they can’t be solved. Finding motivation and staying motivated is the way can surpass any trials that life throws at you. One of the big differences between successful people and those who didn’t succeed yet is the ability of the first group to motivate themselves to work on their goals.

Certainly we all want to be successful and that’s why I decided to write this post to tell you about 5 surefire ways that can help you motivate yourself, whether you’re a a child, teen, or an adult.

Know exactly what you don’t want

Sometimes knowing exactly what you don’t want can motivate you more than knowing what you want. Wanting to be rich will certainly motivate you, but, not wanting to be poor, miserable, broken, sad or helpless can sometimes motivate you more. Visualize the worst scenarios that can happen If you didn’t work on your goals, this certainly can give you a strong motivational boost.

Don’t wait for the right mood or the right time


Lots of people mistakenly believe that people who are highly motivated always feel good while pursing their goals while the truth is that those who are self motivated have learned how to work even if they feel really bad. Its not about waiting for a good mood to start ,but its about learning how to start even if there is no good mood in sight.

Lack of knowledge results in lack of motivation

Why would a person who want to do something badly never become motivated to do it? For example I know many people who would die to lose weight but in the same time never try to do it. The reason some people lack motivation is that they don’t know what to do in order to solve their problems, had those people educated themselves about possible solutions they will become motivated to pursue their goals.

Combine both positive and negative motivation

In order not to fall in the trap of negative thinking you must use both positive and negative motivation techniques. Just like you should remind yourself of the negative consequences you should use visualization and images to remind yourself of the amazing feelings you will get when you succeed. For example if you want to get rich you can hang on the wall above your computer a picture of your dream house or dream car. Each time you will look at them you will get motivated.

Use media for motivation

No one can underestimate the effect of suggestions we receive from songs, movies, pictures,etc. If you are getting these suggestions anyways then why not make some of them positive by filtering out the negative media you get subjected to and increasing the positive media you encounter?

With Heart & Soul,

– Brandon Robinson


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