Mural Project – Boys & Girls Club Gym Restoration

Please support the cause!

“I visited a local Boys & Girls Club in CT and they led me to an old gym that is thoroughly under-utilized and somewhat run down, visually.  They asked if I could do something on their largest wall to revitalize the space.  I said I would love to.  My plan is to incorporate images of the children that attend this facility into the large mural and also have the children assist with the creation of it.  Everyone was so excited about this and were thrilled that they would be a part of such a cool creation.  I feel the children and wonderful folks here will have a sense of pride in knowing that they helped to renovate this old space.

The funds I need to raise are solely for materials used in the creation and completion of this task.  The mural is enormous in size.  I love to do work for charity and to change the lives of others.  My only concern is that my heart is bigger than my wallet.  With the materials covered, I will be able to do something that will benefit the community and the children involved.”   -by Ray Ferrer

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