Surviving Freshman Year!

ImageFor almost all students, freshman year in college is an exciting, tiresome, and overwhelming experience. Every student has a list of things that he or she would like to have known before going into freshman year; here is mine:

Moving In

· Student deals aren’t really deals. Most package deals are filled with shoddy merchandise and are only marginally cheaper than buying higher quality items from a retailer. Before you commit to buy bedding sets or bathroom packs, compare prices with Walmart or Target.

· Don’t buy expensive electronics or furniture! Your friends, your roommates, and your roommates’ friends will all use them throughout the year (probably without your permission), and your all-leather desk chair and Xbox 360 will quickly be reduced to ruins.

· Pack lightly. It reduces clutter in your room and makes going home for breaks a lot easier.

· Buy a student insurance policy. They’re cheap and can really put your mind at ease.

· Let your parents help you on move-in day (that’s move-in DAY, not move-in DAYS). It’s especially helpful if they bring a car to drive you and your new friends to IKEA and K-Mart.


· Think outside of the box, but don’t go crazy. Many upperclassmen will tell you that freshman year is a time to explore and take a plethora of new courses. While this is true, make sure that you adequately prepare for your major. In other words, if you plan to major in economics, don’t start sophomore year having taken nothing but underwater basket weaving courses.

· Avoid the freshman academic slump. It’s real and will consume your GPA in the blink of an eye.


· Introduce yourself to everyone. You all got into the same school; you were made for each other!

· Enjoy camp college! The grace period between the opening of dorms and the beginning of classes can be really fun, especially for freshmen.

· Don’t be afraid to throw a party in your room; be afraid to throw a party in your room every week. A nice get-together that’s within university rules can help you to meet new people, but if you become known as the “party guy,” you’ll start to meet the wrong type of people and spend countless hours cleaning your dorm.

The above advice will help you to navigate your freshman year. However, perhaps the biggest tip that I can give an incoming freshman is not to precisely follow all of my tips. Your freshman experience is just that, yours!


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