Choosing the right watch for your timeless purposes


A watch is an essential for any man who wants to be taken seriously, so how do you choose the correct one?


The first thing to do is to determine the price you wish to pay for the watch and then decide on what you can afford. Of course for less than $100 you won’t get a mechanical watch, but still get a great quartz watch. Knowing your limit helps you decide. 


Do you want a watch for a formal, or informal wear. Do you wish to get a classic dress watch, or something for sportier occasions. Choosing what you want is a bit of an effort, but once you know what you want it for. Pick from slim elegant classic watches, crazy looking designer versions, or a large sports watch.


Learning about the company who you potentially wish to get the watch from is something that can really make the difference when buying a watch. High street chains, even those with expensive watches often are ignorant of a watches history. Find out through the net, or by asking people, even use forums.

Where to Buy

Get a catalog and have a look, this may give you a good incline as to what you like. Avoid the internet if purchasing a watch as it often doesn’t have the best and most brands won’t sell online. Go to the retailer’s shop and choose the watch you want, this ensures you get the best service.


Small people should choose watches with small faces, people with large builds should choose the opposite, otherwise you dwarf the watch, or it dwarfs you.


Choose between stainless steel and leather, both can be worn formally, however leather can look a little off with less formal clothing and therefore you need to consider this area also.

Life Expectancy

Mechanical watches last almost forever once they are cared for by the person who owns them. Quartz watches are a different story and often can’t be repaired, but they do cost a lot less. The battery often needs regular replacement, all dependent on the kind of watch.


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