Best iPhone Christmas Apps to Get into The Christmas Spirit!

Best iPhone Christmas Apps to Get into The Christmas Spirit


It’s almost here. This Christmas is going to be special (if you remember 2012, the movie) because we’d have outlived that misjudged Mayan prediction of doomsday. Anyway, Christmas is a time for gifts, gift ideas and of course, the best Christmas apps for iPhone.

Having been into iPhones and iPads, I’ve seen how the iOS ecosystem actually gels so beautifully well with this season. There are countless apps build around Christmas – ranging from simple little apps that play carols to highly interactive fun apps where you get to be Santa Claus.

With over several hundred thousand apps, it’s tough to find the right app but if you’re a little adventurous, you’ll find loads of amazing iPhone apps for Christmas.

Here’s our list of top 5 Christmas iPhone apps. This is just the beginning though. We’re sure we’ll find a lot more and post about it too! Be sure to check out the blog often(or better, follow!)

1. Christmas Sticker Book!


Price: Free for a limited time!
This amazing little app lets you create your own Christmas sticker book with about 40+ stickers to use and a lot many customization options. This is a perfect app for kids what with options like crayons to color the pictures, add text, share on social media, and a very simple interface to begin with.
The app is currently free for a limited time so grab it right away!

Download Christmas Sticker Book!

2. Best Christmas Stories

Best Christmas Stories iPhone App

Price: Free
What’s a Christmas night without stories before bedtime? But then, where do you go for stories? That’s where the Best Christmas Stories app comes in. It’s a full-feature app with a lot of stories around Christmas. You can search for phrases too with the advanced text search function. Even though the app is old, we think the developers might update the app with more stories this season. Nevertheless, a great resource for a ton of stories.

Download Best Christmas Stories

3. Thoughtful Gift Finder

Thoughtful Gift Finder iPhone App

Price: Free
This app is not really built specifically for Christmas but it will give you the best ideas for Christmas gifts and then link you directly to where you can find these gifts so you can buy them instantly. The app is really useful if you’re running short of time and would want to do some really quick shopping for gifts. The app is also particularly useful if you don’t know where to start with gift ideas this Christmas.

Download Thoughtful Gift Finder

4. Christmas 5

Christmas 5 iPhone App

Price: $1.99
Christmas 5 is a visual treat for someone who’s totally into the spirit of X-mas. The app is all about wallpapers, slideshows and pictures in HD. With an optimized app like this, you can turn your iPhone 5 into a Christmas gadget with all the colorful HD wallpapers that come in the app. We also hope that the developers will make this app free for a limited time!

Download Christmas 5

5. Merry Christmas Around the World

Merry Christmas Around The World iPhone App

Price: Free
How does “Merry Christmas” sound in different countries across the globe? Learn to say that in a 100 different ways using the Merry Christmas Around the World app. Links to YouTube videos make the app even more authentic, fun and entertaining.

Download Merry Christmas Around the World


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