Impressing a girl may be easier than you think.


There’s many ways to a woman’s heart, some as simple as listening, laughing, and a sweet gesture. Some of these are from personal experience, others from female I’ve conversed with.

A guy that takes action

It’s not that often you hear about a guy planning a night out or an elaborate dinner for his lady, Women absolutely love and are extremely touched when men take the time to think up a great adventure for the two of them.

He Listens

This was a unanimous, across-the-board comment from the women I’ve talked with. A guy who truly listens and remembers things they say or things they care about is a gem in their eyes.


He doesn’t adhere to the 2-day “No text, No call” rule. He tells you how he feels and what he is looking for. He may have game, but doesn’t play it with her or in his dating life.


The small stuff

He knows you’ve had a stressful day, so he brings over your favorite tea latte. Or he goes around the neighborhood and collects flowers, putting them in a lovely vase for you when you get home. It’s not about elaborate gifts for most women, but the thought that counts.

Guy’s ability to let go

EVERY couple has their arguments, and a guy who can say,”Hey, lets move forward and not hold onto this,” is one that they are especially enamored with. It’s not easy for anyone to let go of anger or pain and truly move on, but women appreciate a guy who can.

He takes care of himself

A guy who cares about all aspects of his stature, including emotional health and physical ( and understands that those are important areas to tend to) is truly impressive.


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